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06 August 2010 @ 06:54 pm
I decided to just review the whole USMNT after I get to see them some of them play again next Tuesday for their friendly with Brazil <3
Is it weird that I'm terribly excited for that?

Cut for more personal stuff about what I want to be when I grow upCollapse )
09 July 2010 @ 02:19 pm

My name's Caila.
I've been a member of LiveJournal since like... two years ago or something like that.
But I never posted anything because well... I don't know why. I just didn't. (Actually, I think it's because I really DID NOT like my page layout. I STILL DON'T BTW. SOMEONE HELP ME OUT LOLZ.)
I lurked a lot, but never did much.

Well, now I'm posting stuff! YAY!

You will be able to tell if I'm currently obsessed with something, and this month, I am obsessed with the World Cup.
I've always been a big fan of football (I'm an American who doesn't like to say soccer.......) and even played for my school's team as a wee little freshman. I wasn't half bad (I usually played forward [lots of competition for this spot from the juniors/seniors] or starting midfielder), but my parents made me quit sophomore year in fear of my being injured.

As you can see, I talk a lot.

Anywayz, I don't expect anyone to be reading this (really, I don't; this is more something I just decided to do one day), it's mainly a way for me to hold on to my thoughts for future years. :')
I've never been able to keep up blogs/journals, so I'm hoping it'll be different this time around.

My plan for the next week or so is to talk about the USMNT, player by player, based on their World Cup play.
My BBs only got to the round of 16 and was knocked out of the time-stalling Ghana team, but they played with class and dignity and damn, I am proud of them.
Some players won't get that much of a review, since most of the team didn't get a lot of face time, but YA KNOW. :) I will write according to jersey numbers.

That's the plan for the next entries, but I'm more than a one-note soccer fanatic. X]

* I don't use profanity in my everyday speech, but everything is so much funnier when there's profanity, so yes, I plan to use profanity. :)
* I have created many icons for the USMNT (I TOLD YOU I'M OBSESSED WITH THEM LEAVE ME ALONE) and if people actually manage to read this, then, umm, yeah, I'll post some (MAYBE ALL BBS, MAYBE ALL) up. So comment if you drop by? :)

Current Music: City of Black and White - Mat Kearney